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Sentinel site terminal entries


This terminal entry is read by Joe of the Joe on Joe Podcast. Here’s where you can find his podcast and follow him:

Sentinel Site Prescott – Observation Pod

Launch Status: “IDLE”

Blast Doors: Opened

Pod Alpha – Launch Report

Observation Pod A – Report
Test Launch #23
Observing Party: Richard Elmsby

We’re obviously still having issues integrating the Mark 28 Nuclear Bomb with our existing ICBMs. Most likely to do with the transitional coupler not latching correctly. I’m going to check with maintenance and see if there is something they can do.

Pod Beta – Launch Report

Observation Pod B – Report
Test Launch #23
Observing Party: Patrick Tharn

The bad news is we’ve caused irreparable damage to all the Mark 28s we used in this test. The good news is we have an almost endless supply in the munitions depot. Where do we keep getting these things?

Open Blast Door

Opening Blast Door…

Close Blast Door

Closing Blast Door…