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Once More unto the Wastes, Dear Friends – TNP001


So, with this episode, we just wanted to get you, dear listener, acquainted with us and what we plan to do with the show here, and towards the end, we talk about the community’s most controversial topic right now: The Creation Club.

In addition to the release date of this episode being the release date for the original Fallout back in 1997, today is also International Podcast day.

I first got into podcasting at the suggestion of Bobby, back in 2013. We released the first episode of the 3 Idiots in June of that year and I think we talked about one world governments. We only released a total of 6 or 7 episodes, but it led me to start a Friday the 13th show that I was the host of for almost 2 years. It’s still producing new episodes, so if you’re a Friday fan who wants to go deep into the films, check out Return to Camp Blood.

As far as this show is concerned, I’ve wanted to do a Fallout show for a long time now, and since I was ready to get back into podcasting, I figured it was about time to start this.

The vision for the show is to focus on the lore primarily. In addition to the lore, we’ll explore some of the real life stuff that inspired places, people, etc…sort of like a history lesson, within the context of the Fallout world. Tuesdays will be “Terminal Tuesday” where we’ll just read the contents of terminals on the show. There are so many interesting things found on terminals, and I know people don’t take the time to read them all. Someone did something similar with all the books from Skyrim, and it was awesome. That said, this show will be full of spoilers about a lot of things.

We’re going to release new episodes on Fridays, every other week for now, and we’ll try to stay between 30 minutes to an hour per show, except when we’re reading terminals. Those will be as short as it takes to give a short intro to the terminal and where you can find it, and then it’ll end when the text of the terminal runs out. Those episodes will last as long as we have terminals to read and we’ll try hard to make them relevant to that Friday’s episode.

We plan to do interviews with makers in the community (modders, settlement builders, costume makers, cosplayers, YouTube personalities, etc.), and eventually have people on who have had a direct hand in the creation of the games.
I also want to discuss current topics of interest within the community, such as the Creation Club. And since we face the possibility that North Korea isn’t full of **** about wanting to nuke us, we’ll be giving you some real life pre- and post-nuclear survival tips at the end of every episode.

I’d also like to point out that we do run ads on the show, which is mainly to offset the costs of producing this show, so that we can bring you shows at no cost to you. However, I hate ads, you hate ads, the American people hate ads and we know this. If you’d rather not hear any of them at all, head over to That address will redirect you to our patreon page where you can donate $1 an episode to not hear all the annoying ads.

Now onto the fun part, which I realize I might define fun differently than other people. We discuss the much-maligned Creation Club. Since it’s come out, there has been a literal uproar in the community, ranging from the “Oh man, this sucks that I have to pay for more content for Fallout 4” to the chicken littles in the community who swear that the Creation Club will be the downfall of the nexus and that microtransactions will now be a main stay in the game.

A little background on Only Hope Gaming

Only Hope Gaming is the umbrella in which my friend Steve and I create and sell Star Wars Destiny alternate art cards, donating a portion of our profits to various charities. All the other money we receive gets funneled right back into Fantasy Flight Games, in purchasing their games. We do have plans to eventually expand into other aspects of gaming, hence this show’s affiliation with the project. If you like playing Star Wars Destiny and want to support a charity, go check out Right now, that points to our eBay seller’s page, but we’ll have a proper website up soon enough. We are giving some proceeds to a Hurricane Harvey Relief effort.

Bobby’s Survival Tip of the Week

Before the bombs drop, get under your desk, put your head between your legs, and wait.

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