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John Miller’s terminal


This terminal entry is read by Gareth of Gareth’s Random Ramblings. Here’s where you can find his podcast and follow him:

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Journal Entry 8/2

I’ve sealed up all the cracks I could find in the trailer, and made sure all the pipes are clamped tight. I still need to make sure ventilation is set up correctly, but I’ll save that for next week. Shelly thinks we should start telling the kids about the shelter so they know where to go in case something happens. I’m not sure they need to know quite yet though.

Journal Entry 9/15

Ok, the ventilation is set up, but I’m having issues with the generator. It keeps shutting off for no obvious reason. Whenever the generator shuts off the ventilations fans no longer work, which apparently vacuum seals the trap door on the shelter shut. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen again…

Journal Entry 1/28

I think I figured out the generator/ventilation issues. All the supplies are stocked and ready. The only thing left to do is wait, and hope we don’t need to use it. I was telling Shane and Kimmy about the shelter, but how do you explain a bomb shelter to a 5 and 7 year old? I just need them to know where it’s at, so I tried to get them to repeat a rhyme hoping that would help it sink in, “In the tipped over train, behind dad’s shop. Climb up above and drop in the top.” They seemed to like the rhyme…