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Interview with Flen from Fallout Cascadia – TNP008


We had a lot of fun talking to Rob a couple weeks ago about his mod Gamma Radio, so we though we’d speak with another mod maker for our second spotlight episode. Fallout Cascadia, as many of you guys are probably aware, is an ambitious mod, promising a new world-space that’ll show us a little more of the Northwest Commonwealth, namely Seattle. The project’s website is pretty vague as far as what we can expect in terms of people, places, and things we’ll encounter, but the tumblr page for the project states that the map is a little larger than Fallout 4’s map and that the main quest line is similar to New Vegas’ in terms of how long it’ll take to get through.

How to keep up with the mod!

Fallout Cascadia on Facebook
Fallout Cascadia discord server